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“We are so very pleased with the 2hot2cold ceiling. The guys worked so well and were so tidy, we just love it. Thank you once again”

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How your new ceiling makes your conservatory feel like a whole new room…

Conservatory roofs are usually made of either glass or polycarbonate sheets.

Either way, it's a problem.

In summer, the conservatory gets very hot, and you find yourself struggling with sun glare, while in winter costly heat goes straight out through the roof, leaving the conservatory too cold to enjoy.

In a single day, we transform your conservatory for ever.

2HOT2COLD Ltd fixes 'too hot' and 'too cold' problems quickly and very affordably.

How? By fitting a new, thermally insulated ceiling inside your conservatory. The new ceiling stops heat passing through the conservatory roof, so it stays warm enough to enjoy in winter, and cool enough in summer for perfect 'indoors/outdoors' living.

How your new ceiling works.

Your new conservatory ceiling is made from a remarkable, multi-layered, reflective insulation material in which all surfaces are thermally welded.

The way this material is made lets it reflect the sun away in summer, helping to keep temperatures in your conservatory low, but stopping heat loss in winter, helping to keep your conservatory warm.

The bottom line is that you get a room temperature all year round that's ideal for relaxing, watching TV, eating or entertaining.

A ceiling with science behind it.

The material we use to form the lining of your new ceiling is made with seven layers of insulation bonded together and has a u-value of 0.175. U-value is what building regulations use as a measurement of the rate of heat loss through a material. The lower the figure, the greater the resistance the material is to heat passing through it and therefore the better the insulating properties. U-values are measured in W/(m2K) - short for Watts per square metre Kelvin. To help explain u-values further, please see the comparison chart below.

Watch the 2HOT2COLD video...

Our seven-layered insulation (diagram below) consists of two outer layers of polished aluminium, treated to resist oxidation. Between them are two layers containing air compartments sealed in a polyethylene skin, two more layers of heat retaining aluminium foil, and a layer of thermal polyethylene foam. All together it is equivalent to 200 mm thick of normal cavity insulation fibrewool.

Because the material resists conducting heat from inside to out, your conservatory stays warm in winter. And it stops outside heat getting in in summer, keeping your conservatory nice and cool. It's airtight and resistant to damp. It doesn't rot and, because of that thermally insulated construction, it helps cut out condensation as well. And that's not all. It's fire-retardant, non-toxic and non-allergenic. And it does an efficient job of reducing outside rain noise.

A new conservatory roof that looks great, too.

Of course, you want your new ceiling to look great as well as doing a great job of controlling the temperature in your conservatory.

So we construct the surface that you see when you look up using white or ivory UPVC panels that are specially designed for the job. They're lightweight and ultra-slim, yet even these are double-lined to help prevent heat loss.

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Just look what you'll get from your 2HOT2COLD ceiling...

Having a 2HOT2COLD insulated ceiling fitted in your conservatory gives you lots of advantages!

• Your conservatory will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, because of insulating thermally your ceiling and roof.

• Overall, you get a far more consistent and pleasant room temperature.

• You save money on fuel costs because expensive heat is no longer escaping out through the roof.

• Your conservatory turns into a favourite and practical living space all year round.

• You'll never again suffer from glare in your conservatory when the sun is out.

• If you have a condensation problem in your conservatory, that will disappear too.

• The noise of rain, sleet and outside factors like aeroplanes will be heavily reduced.

• Your furnishings and upholstery will be far less likely to fade.

A 2HOT2COLD ceiling qualifies for the 5% reduced rate VAT!

Your new 2HOT2COLD insulated conservatory ceiling will qualify for the HMRC lower 5% VAT rate!

A massive 15% saving!

Carbon-energy efficiency

saves money!

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